XSS-exploits filtered by person 0

xssed.com is a directory for XSS-exploits You can submit your exploits and they got listed and – most important – a copy of the exploit is archived. Of course it is a bit a challenge but it is also useful to keep track with the vendor reactions on your exploits. There is one thing missing, a personalized RSS-feed, which just renders the exploits of a certain author. But there is Yahoo Pipes, at the end a pretty impressive program hosting service, which basically provides tools, filters and operators to be chained to remix content. I’ve played around with it months ago, but never had a real usecase. Now I had and I implemented a pipe for creating an newsfeed from xssed.com. As a result, you can follow my exploits on the startpage.

Update xssed.com is currently blocking requests from the user agent Yahoo Pipes 1.0 which I find pretty sad. I try to get in contact with the xssed.com staff.

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