Jabber for portage 0.0.5(.1) 1

portage-mod_jabber is a small elog module for Gentoo’s portage which provides Jabber notification for portage. It basically allows to receive notifications via jabber when elog events occur.

The new version of portage-mod_jabber fixes a deprecation warning with portage 2.2 (but works with older versions too) and introduces a new syntax for the JABBERFROM-variable: both node:pw@host.com/resource and node@host.com/resource:pw are allowed now.

Grab it while it’s hot!

Note: I’ve released to fix an invalid exception catch. Catched LoadError instead of ImportError. That’s what happens when you confuse Python with Ruby.

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Jabber for portage 0.0.3 3

portage-mod_jabber is a small elog module for Gentoo’s portage which provides Jabber notification for portage. It basically allows to receive notifications via jabber when elog events occur. A few days ago #204125 was opened in the Gentoo bugtracker, which is obviously the wrong place to request features for software which is provided externally. But anyway, I took the idea of allowing the user to specify which Jabber resource to use and added the feature. Another facility in this context which might be helpful is to use hostname as a variable for the current hostname in the resource. So if you deploy a number of systems you can just specifiy “/systems/%hostname%” as the resource and the hostname will be replaced automatically. If you want to use this feature just edit /etc/make.conf and change PORTAGE_ELOG_JABBERFROM to something like user@host.com/resource:password. From now on, the version 0.0.3 is available here.

Hanno, would you mind bumping it?

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Wanted: Large scale consultants 0

I am wondering whether there is a good consultant/consultant team in Germany which is specialized on attending an enlargement of a currently running, profitable PHP/MySQL-environment with tons of users. I am looking for something like OmniTI in Germany. No babbling, proofed success in the past, able to work with hitherto unknown components.

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Neues aus der Bäckerei 5

Schokokeks Webhosting wächst in letzter Zeit recht ordentlich. Zudem werden resourcenhungrige Angebote wie unser Jabber oder Subversion immer mehr wahrgenommen. Das führte dazu, dass unser Server häufiger mal überlastet war. Der Ausweg: zwei funkelnagelneue Maschinen, auf denen nun die Services sinnvoller verteilt werden können. Den Anfang machten heute die drei wichtigsten Jabber-Transports (AIM, ICQ und MSN), die nun auf einem dedizierten Server laufen und damit den Kernaufgaben (Webserver und Mail) wieder mehr Resourcen einräumen. Die nächsten Wochen sollten etwas ruhiger werden.

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Kollerhumor 0

Das Emoticon :mastayoda:
Manchen weicht viel Arbeit das Hirn auf, manch andere haben aber auch einfach so voll einen an der Waffel. Weswegen ich meine Fresse jetzt als Neu.de-Emoticon verwurstet sehen muss.

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Aufgeräumt 2

Um dem sich anbahnenden Chaos in der Kontaktliste des Lieblingsclients wieder etwas Herr zu werden habe ich nach Gutdünken Leute entfernt, mit denen ich seit längerer Zeit nichts mehr zu tun hatte oder bei denen ich mich nicht mehr an die Ursache ihrer Existenz in meiner Kontaktliste erinnern konnte. Wenn Sie meinen sollten, Sie seien fälschlicherweise gelöscht worden, dann täuschen Sie sich mit sehr hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit. Falls doch, einfach nochmal hinzufügen. Wer bisher nicht drin stand aber schon immer in den Genuss des Kontakts zu mir kommen wollte, dem sei dies auch gestattet (Kontaktdaten).

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Portage-notification for Gentoo via Jabber 3

Getting notified via mail about recent warnings, information messages and error on your Gentoo system is good thing but getting notified via Jabber could be also helpful in some cases. The new notification framework of portage in the current 2.1-serie previews makes it easy and possible to implement somthing like this. To show how easy it is, I did it. You can see the result in the Gentoo Bugzilla. I am utilizing XMPPPY, a friendly Python-library to do so.

How to use?
1.) Install an ebuild of the 2.1-serie of sys-apps/portage
2.) Install dev-python/xmpppy
3.) Copy this file to /usr/lib/portage/pym/elog_modules/mod_jabber.py
4.) Edit /etc/make.conf and set the following options:
PORTAGE_ELOG_SYSTEM="jabber" PORTAGE_ELOG_JABBERFROM="sender@host.com:password" PORTAGE_ELOG_JABBERTO="jid1@host.com jid2@host.com admin@foo.com"

As of a request by solar and Jacub Moc I did a proper release which is availiable there and wrote an ebuild. All you have to do now is to install the ebuild and edit you configuration.

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Ejabberd 1.1.1 in BreakMyGentoo 0

I’m proud to provide a new Ejabberd-ebuild to our users. Ejabberd 1.1.1 comes with an important new feature: it supports MySQL natively. I fixed up PostgreSQL-issues in the ebuild and provide now the native drivers for MySQL and PostgreSQL Also I’m happy to mention that NU2M, the company which is involved in Mabber and for which I’m currently working for, is going to release some really interesting Jabber-components, especially for Ejabberd, during the next weeks.


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Just broken 10

Some months ago I ranted about Gentoo’s Ejabberd-ebuilds and I want to comment another issue: Ejabberd provides support for PostgreSQL via its ODBC-drivers. That’s reflected in the ebuild, there is a postgres USE-flag. That’s generally fine, but helps nothing, ’cause you need the native PostgreSQL-driver from the jungerl-distribution. But: there is no ebuild in portage. Whether you can’t find jungerl nor the native PostgreSQL-driver in portage, which makes the USE-flag buggy one the one hand and completely useless on the other hand. Is it common not to test functionality when adding a USE-flag?

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jabber.breakmygentoo.net 0

I’d put jabber.breakmygentoo.net in the vhosts of our ejabberd, so feel free to register a Jabber-account, if you are a BreakMyGentoo-developer. Otherwise you’ll become virtually tared and feathered, you understand?
Also you can join us in breakmygentoo@conference.jabber.breakmygentoo.net.

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Using ejabberd with TLS-only on port 5222 0

5222, ejabberd_c2s, [{access, c2s}, {shaper, c2s_shaper}, starttls_required, {certfile, "/etc/jabber/ssl.pem"}]}, {s2s_use_starttls, true}.
starttls_required does the trick. Thanks to Hanno for the hint.

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About ejabberd, transports, lazy Gentoo-developers and the gloriousness of Schokokeks.org 7

We did it. I’m proud to announce the completed set of transports on Schokokeks.org, including MSN, ICQ, AIM, GaduGadu (just to have the longer cock than Mabber) and Yahoo!.

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