Tango icons for Liferea 10

The Liferea trunk has got another update. Jeff Fortin created a nice set of application icons based on existing Tango icons. The old icon was a bit fuzzy and the SVG was lost.
This update also includes that the application icons are now installed into the correct place (hicolor) to allow icon themes to include a custom Liferea icon.

Liferea start dialog
Liferea window in compiz windowlist

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Done that 3

Christmas this year meant productivity time for me.

Also I’ve played around with Epiphany’s WebKit backend.

Update: The patch for Liferea is now included in the subversion tree. I’m still working on WebKit for Liferea to complete the missing features.

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Darkish default theme for GNOME? 2

Jakub Steiner proposed to use a darkish theme as the GNOME default. This is a really intersting idea and from a QA point of view it sound pretty sensible. The major problem with GTK is, that only known widgets are styled by themes. So hacky custom widgets are not easily themeable. Aside from that I have some concerns, wheither a dark theme would be associated with hacker desktop, the exact opposite of GNOME’s target.
Nevertheless I will try Darkilouche and gm-looks for a while now. I always disliked dark themes, don’t know exactly why but it is time to try again.

GNOME desktop with gm-looks theme
GNOME desktop with Darkilouche theme

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Zimbra integration for Evolution 2

From my perspective, Zimbra integration for Evolution is pretty interesting. We decided months ago to use Zimbra as our internal groupware solution at Neu.de/Media Ventures but I could not get used to Zimbra. Now this time is over. The only problem remains: where can I find the Subversion tree?

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»… the last rhythm for me« 21

This is how lastrhythm looks like

It is short after 6’o clock and it is time to provide you a first impression of my latest work. Since a few months I’ve been using Banshee to play my music. Due to some annoying glitches in Banshee (no proper gamin-integration, scrobbling is unreliable) I switched back to Rhythmbox. But I’ve missed one feature very badly: the recommendations plugin of Banshee provides you neat extra informations related to the artist you are currently listening to. But there was a way out: Rhythmbox provides simple Python bindings and so I’ve wrote my own plugin, which does the recommendations-thing for Rhythmbox. It is currently in a very early stage but works for me™. It is not time to create the 0.0.1-tarball, but it would be really cool if a few of you can test it. Just check out https://svn.usrportage.de/lastrhythm/trunk/ and copy the complete trunk-folder to /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plugins/ and restart your Rhythmbox. It would be really helpful if you start Rhythmbox with rhythmbox -D lastrhythm to provide me a sensible output in case of crashes.

My plugin utilizes the fantastic PyScrobbler-code to access to Audiscrobbler-API. It uses the named arguments feature in Python pretty well to fire audioscrobbler-queries and is really handy to use.

Thanks to Sven Herzberg for helping me with some weird GTK-widget issues.

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu please install python-elementtree to make things work.

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To spread or not to spread 3

A few days ago, SpreadGNOME has been launched. While it is a good idea to split developer-pages and marketing-pages, as like Mozilla does it with mozilla.org and SpreadFirefox, pages like SpreadGNOME should have the appeal of a marketing-page. There should be funky screenshots, big headings, concise texts – the page should give the visitor the impression of cool people, writing sexy software which is much better than the thing he currently uses. Just ask yourself: is this the impression you get when you visit SpreadGNOME?


There is a new design but this does not look like a »The most important thing you miss in your life is using GNOME«-page, sorry. Putting links to a tech-orientated news-portal, a wiki-page for developers and gnome.org is not that imaginative.

As they are calling for suggestions, they could have them:

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Zeroconf magic with Gentoo 1

With GNOME 2.14 Avahi, the implementation of the Zeroconf-specification from Freedesktop, is shipped with. It brings the convenient feature to autodetect services. As you can see on the screenshot, it detects a lot of services and provides the possibility to use them on »one-click«. This Zeroconf-technology is looking back to a confusing history: there are two implementations before avahi: howl and mDNS, which both have licensing issues. So the Freedesktop-project brings us a good step forward and it works as easy as you can’t imagine. Licensing issues prevents Ubuntu from integrating howl or mDNS, but let us hope, they will integrate it now.


Build required packages:
Set the USE-flags »avahi«, »bookmarks«, »dbus« and »python« and emerge net-dns/avahi. Now emerge x11-misc/service-discovery-applet. After all, rebuild affected packages to reflect the USE-flag change (emerge -DuN world) and to guarantee full support for avahi.

Start required services on boot
Add avahi:

# rc-update add avahi-daemon default
  1. rc-update add avahi-dnsconfd default

Start required services

# /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start
# /etc/init.d/avahi-dnsconfd start

To be complete, just add the new panel-applet to your panel and employ the new possibilities.

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Muine needs some love 0

Peter Johanson received CVS commit access for the Muine Music Player, the famous »no I’m not just another iTunes clone«-player. I hope Peter will bring some new dynamic to the Muine-project and please remember my interface ideas I’d suggested via the list.

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Dirac video codec 0

Just now found in my inbox: the BBC R&D and Fluendo are working on a new high-quality video codec called Dirac.

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New Clearlooks-Theme and Tango-Icons 7

To win the verbal pissing contest (german alias: »Schwanzvergleich«), just a nice screenshot with the cairo-based »Clearlooks 2«–Theme and Tango-Icons

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Gaim 2.0 beta 1 was released 2

As you can read on gaim.sf.net, Gaim 2.0 beta 1 has been released. I’ve compiled it under Ubuntu Dapper, which is not as magic as you may think.

# apt-get build-dep gaim
After that, remove the NSS-library, because otherwise compiling may fail.
# ./configure
# make
# make install
… will do the rest of the show.
One sad detail: including gaim-vv, which brings VoIP-functionality into Gaim, didn’t make it into this release.

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Lars’ Wahrheiten 0

Heute ist »Tag der Lars’schen Wahrheiten«. Sätze die mit »was ich schon immer sage …« beginnen und in diesem Falle enden mit »Linus Torvalds hat einen unübersehbaren Schatten«.
Mehr dazu gibt‘s bei Bernd, der sich gerne in den selbigen stellt und die entsprechenden Hintergrundinformationen bei Golem.

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Freie Software und Kommunismus 2

Ich sag’s doch schon immer, beides wird sich durchsetzen. Was zuerst passiert kann ich nicht sagen aber das dem nu2m-Designer GIMP gefällt ist ja schonmal ein Anfang …

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Typographie unter GNOME 8

Es ist nicht wirklich einfach, typographisch korrekte Inhalte zu erzeugen und den Prozess des Schreibens nicht allzu kompliziert zu gestalten. Im Folgenden möchte ich einige übliche Fehler vorstellen und wie sie am besten zu vermeiden sind.

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Google Talk, open protocolls and Gaim 0

As mentioned before, from now on, I’m using Skype. Skype is just a fallback-solution, because there isn’t a real open solution with an open protocoll and free software. But this won’t take too long, ‘cause on friday the Gaim-project is going to release version 2.0. It ships support for Google Talk and – not important for myself – support for MSN video and such stuff. So, if all is working fine, at the end of the week I will be able to use a better solution.

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