Build queries for Lucene/Solr indexes in PHP 2

We use Solr a lot at InterNations. Beside usual full text searches, we use it every time we need to receive documents nearly free of charge. It is fast, it is stable and, after some wrestling, our data import works very well as well.

For more than a year we added more and more functionality to a component for building Solr/Lucene queries programmatically. We provide two different ways to create queries: for complex queries we use an expression builder, for simpler ones we have a string based class. A huge advantage of a programmatic API is security: while Lucene’s query language is read-only and therefore non-destructive, query injections can lead to serious data breaches, which both components help to avoid by escaping input strings.

We now feel they are mature and stable enough to be released to the public: say hello to internations/solr-query-component.

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