Seven Things 1

I’ve got tagged by Brian DeShong and Manuel Pichler to write down seven facts about me. Quick and easy:

So here are my nominated victims:

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    posted on January 4th 2009, 03:59:24 pm Seven things

    Since Kore, Lars and Marcus forced me to do it:Sebastian’s first foreign language was Latin, for me Latin was the reason to start programming (by trying to hack the vocabulary trainer my brother wrote, so I learned Basic instead of Latin)I started PHP s

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    posted on January 5th 2009, 12:50:13 pm 7 Things About Me

    Lars Strojny was so kind tagging me for the 7 Things blog chain, that reached almost all PHP developers out there during the holidays. So here are some (even embarassing) facts about me, that you problably didn’t know: (1) I have a twin sister. She is


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