PHP Unconference Hamburg - Day 1 1

The first day at the PHP Unconference in Hamburg was quite nice. The day started with a slightly confused registration, followed by the notorious voting for sessions. Our planned talk was magically lost but I was too tired to object.
I attended two sessions, “Security Development Lifecycle”, a process model developed by Microsoft to strengthen the focus on security during development. While the entire process is pretty complex, there are a few ideas and basic rules that are worth adapting. Treating security problems as show-stoppers should be obvious, classifying attack surfaces, scenarios and privacy impacts is a thankless job, regular security training for the development team is a good idea, but do you really do it? The second session was “Ask the core developer” by Johannes Schlüter. It ended up pitying one another and wining a bit about missing innovation in core, an impression I don’t share.
The interesting parts were not the sessions but the corridor conversations. It’s always interesting to hear how others do PHP.

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