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This is how lastrhythm looks like

It is short after 6’o clock and it is time to provide you a first impression of my latest work. Since a few months I’ve been using Banshee to play my music. Due to some annoying glitches in Banshee (no proper gamin-integration, scrobbling is unreliable) I switched back to Rhythmbox. But I’ve missed one feature very badly: the recommendations plugin of Banshee provides you neat extra informations related to the artist you are currently listening to. But there was a way out: Rhythmbox provides simple Python bindings and so I’ve wrote my own plugin, which does the recommendations-thing for Rhythmbox. It is currently in a very early stage but works for me™. It is not time to create the 0.0.1-tarball, but it would be really cool if a few of you can test it. Just check out https://svn.usrportage.de/lastrhythm/trunk/ and copy the complete trunk-folder to /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plugins/ and restart your Rhythmbox. It would be really helpful if you start Rhythmbox with rhythmbox -D lastrhythm to provide me a sensible output in case of crashes.

My plugin utilizes the fantastic PyScrobbler-code to access to Audiscrobbler-API. It uses the named arguments feature in Python pretty well to fire audioscrobbler-queries and is really handy to use.

Thanks to Sven Herzberg for helping me with some weird GTK-widget issues.

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu please install python-elementtree to make things work.

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